Anyone interested in driving? Welsh ponies or cobs? Entertainment and Hobbies

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    I really want to start driving. Talk about cart before the horse - I own four 2 & 3 y.o. ponies that would be suitable for driving & haven't a clue!No experience at all in harness training! I have long-lined many, so believe I can handle the basics. We do have good trainers nearby. I'm a dyi kinda gal, but not afraid to seek help.
    If you have Welsh, we probably know people in common already.It's a tiny little Welsh world. Here's a picture of the sire of the cob filly on my profile. The girl riding him was gettig ready to leave for a tour in Afghanistan. This was at a Welsh show - they made quite a picture. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. (She's back now & safe).

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    My boy's name is Winston and he,s only a little fellow 12.2hh welsh A chestnut with white socks and blaze, if I knew how I'd put a photo on here of him, I think he is lovely.
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    It seems like the huge majority do have awesome temperaments, kind and loving. It's great to hear from someone else who is familiar with the breed!
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    Hi, we definately don,t know anyone in common, as I,m in AUSTRALIA but have just broken my 6yrs welsh stallion to saddle and am in the process of breaking him to harness ,all is going great at the moment, they really have the most accepting and generous temperaments dont they.