EXCUSE ME..........? NO ONE.......??? Entertainment and Hobbies

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    Holidays well I go all over the world, There is hardly any place I have not been. I have been to Iceland, Mongolia, Africa, Spain, FRance, Canada. US. Then I wake up and the animals need seeing to and a couple of jobs to fit in. Having a mini break in Ireland though for a long weekend. I hoope to get some riding in and a tour of a competitive driving yard, and I hope a go my self. I plan to break my filly to harness so some exta tips will not go amiss. Oh well dreaming about holidays are cheap and you don't get delays at airports
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    Hey kitty,

    My hobbies are horses, of course, drawing, hockey, shopping, and music.

    I would love to take a horseback riding vacation somewhere in Ireland or a tropical place like Brazil.
    I went horseback riding in Mexico a few years ago. We rode in the jungle and bareback in the ocean. ( the water is so warm like 80 degrees), and I galloped along the shore racing a few of the guides. That was quite an experience.

    Anyone else go on a riding vacation?
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    hi kitty will be full member soon .and would love to volunteer help to you.for free of course.