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    Hmmm..not sure if I should ask here or do a blog, but anyway, I've been having trouble getting my Arab to put her knee all the way down to do a full bow. I've tried the carrot between her front legs and she willingly picks her front left up for me to hold and puts her head WAY down between her legs with the front left a mere inch above the ground, but can't get her to actually place it firmly on the ground (except once when she lost her balance). Any suggestions???

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 26, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    Hi all nice to met a fellow Arabian owner I also have an Arabian mare.I always like to see if the other mares are related to mine.For she is of the older blood lines. My mare wont go all the way down on her knees either we found out it was arthritous problems.Nice pics of the mare mine is the same color with a big blaze as well and a lil half sock on her back right hoof,with a flaxin mane and tail.Named Sonya De Farwa aka Sony mine is emily
    happy thanks giving to you all.
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    G'day, I reside now in south-west Ontario,when I was down in Texas-Dripping Spring (2007I was invited by Allen Pogue from the "Red Horse Ranch" - look it up - it's a great sight - I stayed all afternnon with Allen (fantastic very kind trainer) he was at the Greece Olympic to give a demontration - YES, his method with kindness and safety for the horse is fantastic to see - I have a demo tape by Allen, with a horse in training to bow. Enjoy T....S yes, my name is the 1st name of Texas before it became that state