Tell me your best beach ride story! Entertainment and Hobbies

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    I took my first horse (who I have had for 17 years) camping this weekend at the beach. The moon was bright and lit up the coast line so the group I was with went for a midnight ride. The only noise that you could hear was the waves crashing as the tide came in.
    I was able to appreciate how lucky I am for having such a good horse, great friends to ride with and a lovely coastline with in a few hours distance.
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    My best beach ride was with my older arabian mare was her first trip to montana de oro in california. We was riding on the moro bay beach wonderful place to get lost lol. Trying to get onto the beach was fun and some of the trails are awesome. I was getting scared and nervous because im afraid of hights and we got up pretty high for my commfort level. But had wonderful friends and a wonderful horse to care for me and my nervs. Finaly got onto the beach got soaked by the crashing waves that was fun chased after some turkey vultures my horse has a thing for that lol. over all good time with good friends couldn't ask for anything more.

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    Reminds me, I read somewhere of a woman in England, she and her friend were riding a pair of rescued horses on the beach, they decided to take them for a swim, and one of them, in her words, set out for France, and took some convincing to return to the beach.
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    Hey Strider somewhere in here there's some information for ya! get in touch!! I suppose I'll just have to upgrade to gold(must be the scott in me coming out!!)
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    A friend and I used to take her Appy and Quarter horse Cross for a blast on the beach. She was on the Appy, who was an older horse but apparently no one had told him that meant he was supposed to slow down :-); He could still give the QHX a run for his money, there are few better pipe cleaners then a gallop down a suitable strand.

    At a slower pace, another friend and I were trekking along the beach and his horse, new to this beach idea, didn't trust the waves, he'd follow them out but run away as they appeared to 'chase' him back up the beach.