Don't use Equestrian Singles Friendship

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    So let's start our own FREE blog...
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    I agree as well, if you are just looking for friends to go riding with use groups instaed at least ther you can locate a group in the local area .
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    This is a more decent and better site. Please ladies, don't go there to ES. I was silly and entered their chat room. It's not like ours here. It states there is a moderator but there is not. The language was x was very adult content and the ladies in there were joining in on it. What a turn off that was... I'm staying put here with Equestrian Cupid even if it is slow.
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    Don't stop ... what's the gossip? lol My pet peeve is when men act up on dating sites. They wouldn't act indicently in the "real world". We know very well if they were to be vulgar and agressive towards a woman at a night club the bouncer would immediately show them out the exit door, so why they feel they can degrade women and trick them - just because it's not in the real world. They hide behind the computer.

    But ladies, there is hope online. I've found my boyfriend here on this site, immediately clicked, we've met each others friends and family and enjoy riding together. I think it was a miracle! Seth is sincerely down to earth and very lucky to have met him. So good luck to everyone and do be careful.

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    I was a member of ES. I found that it's one big who knows who site and if your not in their "click" or do something they don't agree with then they shun you or delete you. They let known *** stay on the site. The owner is a member and couldn't find her way out of a paper sack! Anyone want to know the "true" way that site is run, just ask and I'll show you the proof!!
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    Hi Yall, it is pretty stupid tohave to pay for the ability to email people you meet on here. most email is free. i understand they have to make a buck but it still seems pretty dumb to me.
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    HI Marshal. I dont see what's the big deal about this site allowing married people. I'm on here to meet other like minded people married or not. It does ask for you to state what you are looking for pen pals, dating etc. Nothing wrong with being married on here. I didn't realize since
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    I just wanted to say thank you, the stick em up kitty pic made my day!!!!
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    Whats ridiculous is they have folks that have married on their profile! I don't think married folks should be mixing with singles,only exception I see if the two married folks meet on site and want to stay in touch with friends.
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    pilotw36 write:
    ya ive tried to contact people but it costs so much money just to talk to people its get so anoying and very boring

    Gee - it's what 16-17 bucks for a month? If you can't afford that how are you gonna afford the girl?
    I'm not trying to "diss" you but it's kind of like window shopping - you can do all you want of that for free - but if you want to take something home you like - you have to pay for it.
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    This forum line expalins a lot as to why I don't always get replies, although I have had quite a few from all over the place. I sent you a message too.(to eventer2)

    In the UK, it is the complete opposite. There are very few western riders compared with, what in England would be considered normal riding. Not to say that western isn't normal but it is still very new and a relatively minority discipline. This is no problem for me being an English rider in both senses. I showjump mainly but my brother has eventers. A trip round the UK show circuits might be a good experience for anyone in the US that rides english.
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    ya ive tried to contact people but it costs so much money just to talk to people its get so anoying and very boring like im looking for freinds or maybe more and i have to become a PREMIUM MEMBER to even find people anyways nice to meet you all.
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    I am totally confused. You have to be what type of member before they can respond to you. I see the preferred in the corner in profiles, is that the only kind that can respond. Someone explain.
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    was wondering if u could help me find the groups u are talking about

    thanks heaps :)
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    Thanks everyone for writing about your experiences. I've just registered on here and naively believed that even tho I can't send emails I could at least receive them if anyone liked my profile. Oh well, as already mentioned, it's not easy to find the genuine people on such sites anyway.
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    I think that you get out of it what you put in, although I have been disappointed by the EC and the ES sites. Both of them led me to some contacts and dates too, but the relationships didn't work out.

    Honestly, I am not sure whether or not people who use these sites are sincere... most of my communications have ended up as fizzle-fests. I realize this thread is about ES and is a warning not to use them. I've had some pretty good contact lately although not from anyone in my area (Phoenix).

    There seems to be a lot of fresh faces here now, so that will give me something to do for a while.

    - Jim
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    I did pay when they offered their deal of buy three months and get another three free. However, probably one of the biggest waste of money I've done - what's the point in spending a fortune on a membership only to dicover that the people you contact have to pay for a membership to read your membership. Definetly one of my pet peeves on there along with having a very touchy moderators that won't hesitate to delete your profile at their earliest whim.
    Maybe it was just me but it seemed to be predominantly western riders too?
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    I have to agree. I've been on the site for two months and I find even other PREMIUM MEMBERS don't reply. I've only met one who has replied to my email (we've been corresponding ever since) but I find even in the Forums, you can ask a question but no one comes back to answer (unless you happen to be good looking). Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions???
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    I also agree. I don't normally pay to go on this kind of site but because it was equestrian I thought I'd give it a go. I certainly won't bother again.I've tried and tried to talk to people on IM and they don't answer probably because they are not full members I now realise.