Draft rider in MN, anyone interested? Friendship

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    Hey y'all! I train and ride drafts in MN, looking for someone to talk with, ride with, all of the above. Drop a line!
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    Check out Draft Horse Friends - not a personals site - just a great group interested in draft horses.

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    Hello horsesense I would love to see your 20H = like 2000H as for Heavy? and I thought my "Princess" 17H3 is tall & elegant - G for Gorgeous.
    Out of fun, I took a Farrier course, once I had to take care of a Clyde's hooves - two guys helped me with lifting the hoof, as the horse moved I almost took off a finger with the rasp of my helper.
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    I'm in Ontario, Canada.Right at the moment I'm riding Clyde called Dan. He is 20 hands, but oh so gentle. He is also my friends horse. She got him because his previous owner was going to have him put down. He was a sad sight when she got him, but looks good now. He had Clyde itch, but with shaving his feathers and some sauve it's gone.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, I have all sorts of questions. Would love to hear from you--maybe see some pictures of your horses.