Grieving the Loss of a Horse Friendship

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    Oregonkim, I am extremly sorry to hear about your horse. Unfortunatly I can relate to the pain that you are feeling. In 2001, I lost my best friend Sippi. Ex racer 24 years. He suffered a massive heart attack and a massive stroke. I cryed for months and my other horses went unnoticed for I felt they would die eventully too and I couldn't put myself through that pain again. I did eventully get over it and then I was knocked over again by the death of my brother. But as they say time heals all wounds and deeper the cut the longer it takes to heal. Be strong the storm will pass.
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    Im so sorry for your loss. I lost a mare due to a kick in the pasture that completely shattered her back leg and I had to put her down as soon as the xrays were back. It took me about 9 months before I could even look at another horse and really another year before I felt I could bond with another. You have to treat is you would any other death, take the time to grieve etc.
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    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Logically, I know you are right, but it's definately pretty rough right now. Your horses are beautiful. I can't tell from the photo for sure, but I'm thinking they are arabians. My horse was 3/4 arab, although no one would have guessed it from the width of his chest and the size of his haunches. Again, thanks for the well wishes.

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    Dear oregonkim,

    I am so sorry to hear that. As time goes by, everything will be ok. Have a good day.