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    Hello everyone, my organization and I fight for a ban on horse slaughter. How do you feel about this issue? Over 130,000 horses per year are being brutally slaughtered in Mexico and Canada.
    It is very important at this time for every horse lover to get involved. Every horse in America is in grave danger of becoming horse salami for Japan and Europe.

    Find out what YOU can do
    Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks.
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    I am all for horse slaughter. 10 years ago when the slaughter houses were open there wasn't quite as many "rescues" out there. These rescues are full starving horses that people cannot afford and 75% of these rescues can't either. People are dumping their horses in other people pastures and there stealing feed away from the horses people actually want. The closing of slaughter houses drastically reduced the value of horses on the Market. I do believe slaughter houses should be opened back up and legal again. The value of your horses will raise and there won't be half as many starving horses around Because people will have an option of what to do with their unwanted horses. Think about cannot save the world...the idea is a good one but the horse industry and open the slaughter houses back up. 

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    There is several places that rescue horses so that they don't get slaughtered.
    One is HARPS.  They have rescued many horses and helped bring back to health.
    Also, there is a horse show that you might want to watch which discusses horses and avoiding them getting slaughtered.  The show is called Heartland and it has 5 separate parts to watch this episode.  Here is part 1 of the episode called Summer End.  Ty's father brings a cow trailer with some horses from the slaughter house, one arrives in bad shape, and one is Ashley's prize horse.
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    I am 100% against it....people need to do their homework b4 buying a horse...also way too much overbreeding
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 04, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    I hate horse slaughter and wish there was a way to control the horse population. The only consolation I have about them consuming horsemeat, is that they're also exposing themselves to all the wormers, drugs and supplements that were given to those horses. Serves them right!