i had a horse the most beutiful of them all... Horse related topic

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    it was a pure bred appoloosa that could be tracked over a hudred years of pure bred horses from back to the to the indian horses! wow i know he was stud spotted butt long tail ( i know they are soppose to be short) and a sweeet attitude. he would follow you around let you ride ( although someone had to lead you around he didnt know the commands) but i was new at owning horses and could not teach him i tired and he would just stand there as if i wasnt doing anything. i did sell him in the end i had another horse i bought first and she knew all the commands so it didnt seem fair letting her sit around and not ride, she was also an attenchion hog so i let him go OH by the he had papers too! but the new owner cliped him for easryer training now he is ridable and loves his new home.
    ( pic is not him)
    please tell your stories....
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    Perhaps you did, but I have the most rarest horse of all which leads all the way of his bloodline to the Black Stallion! He has every appearance of his dad and is a beutiful Strawberry Roan, I've raised him from a newborn foal with his mother my other horse at my side, and we formed an unbreakable bond and still goes strong even after 5 years! But regardless I love all types of horses no matter the color or breed.

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    DO you have any pics of the App? I have an Appy mare who is 8 years old. Beautiful colors and markings.

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