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    Originally from California, I have lived and taught in Burgundy, France for many years.

    Originally rode Western, but into European since I've lived here. (Exception six years back in California from '96 to '02.)

    Our daughter is a riding instructor so I have a selle frangaise in a local club and we have two colts, a yearling and a 4 year-old (our daughter has just broke and is training for three-day eventing here in France).

    Would love to share with whoever is interested?
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    Hi Im a trainer/instructor... who loves eventing!...from Victoria Canada. Id love to know more about riding and keeping horses in France. Im interested in travelling and living in many different places, and France is definitely one! So is California for that matter. (I love warmer weather (than Canada that is...its not hard), keeping my horses on pasture as much as possible, and being in an area with alot of events & shows, and some relatively easy access to arts and culture. There are so many questions I have, here are some if you dont mind answering them...Is it very expensive to rent an equestrian facility or horse farm where you are? What about other regions? How is it compared to UK & Spain? What is the pasture (and weather) like? Is it useable for horses year round? What are the lower end prices like for nice younger/green European warmbloods there? (Im interested in many different breeds). Is it very difficult to find work as an instructor/horses trainer (or my own students, equine and human!) there, are there too many already?? I dont know how hard it is to get a work visa there. Ive traveled to Paris and through some of France by train, but not the BUrgundy or Southern regions where I think Id prefer to live. Ive met quite a few people from southern France and theyve all been so friendly, open minded and welcoming! Sorry for all the questions. If you have time Id love to chat with you more!
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    That's quite a big decision to leave CA for france - so what helped you to decide to do that?
    I've done the opposite, left Europe (UK) to go live and work over in Florida. The things you do to follow a dream (and anything else cheesey you can add to this!!)
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    How do you like it France? I have a friend who has a selle Francais in Quebec, Canada. She's a pretty little mare. I have a 6 year old percheron/ thoroughbred gelding. I enjoy dressage and trail riding. I am also getting into a little bit of jumping and endurance riding as well. What discipline do you ride? Do you have selle francais' as well.