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    I am new to the horse world. I have spent the last 2 years helping my neighbor with his horses and learning everything I can. In return, he gave me a 4 yr old stud.. I gelded him to tame him down. I rode him for 10 days morning and night doing the basics.. Teaching reining, starting, of course stopping.. When we moved into a trot, he decided it was time to buck.. Went on the ride of my life.. Got my 8 secs. in but lost the stirrup and had to bale. What a thrill.. Totally get adrenaline junkies now.. but it messed up my back pretty good. Now I have a fear.. and haven't ridden him since. I am 40 and simply can't afford to get hurt. So I am building a round pen.. Didn't have the financial means to buy one so I am using old lumber and landscape timbers. May not be pretty but it will serve the purpose.. I don't have alot of Equine sources to pull from, watch RFD faithfully for all the training tips I can get.. Any advice I can get is greatly appreciated.
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    Hello I'm brad525,your troubles are simple GO BACK TO BASICS the fouddation has not been built... with a stallion they are vital.. but more imporant the are 3 rules of training you must have all you don't get hurt...2 the horse isn't hurt...3 the horse has more understanding than he had before you started.. try referring to john lyons round pen reasoning from trackor supply ..try his collage level leading to for your man ..I'm not gold so you will need to get to me
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    Gelding him was probably a very good idea. A stallion is normally not the right first horse.
    Have you started back with basic ground work?
    Foundations are very important.
    Riding him may be a nice idea, but if he doesn't understand things it does not help.
    Also, have you looked into your saddle fitting, was there anything on the pad. Are his teeth ok.
    There are lots of reason's that a horse acts up.
    Just some idea's for you.