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    Hi! My Name is Kathy, I live in the Green Bay WI, I am currently looking for someone who wants to work with me and share profits on my ranch, or would be willing to relocate and share my experience in horse breeding & care, currently going through a Divorce and I can give up my husband but will never give up on my horses!! currently breeding and raising Arabian & 1/2 Arab/ASB horses, top bloodlines Padron, Padron Psyche, magnum psyche, Good business opportunity! If you have a real love for horses and some experience..
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    I am Equestrian Products Manufacturer from India.

    If you are interested to work , pls let me know.

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    Dear Miss HATTRICK Let me say that you done made my day by wanting to contact the not so little me any more !!! I can't get over how beautiful and majestic the Arabians horse bread are and thats from the heart lady "!" I would love to come and see for myself and it would be an honor just to touch such a magnificent animal to which you obvious know so much about. As I said I've work with most of the other breads of the EQUINE family while working at RIDES + REINS. Even the HUMONGOUS Belgian Draft horse to the so terrible cute miniature horse can not compare to the high spirit Arabians. I'm between jobs at the moment and I'm thinking that if you truly need some help as in labor or anything else for that matter I would love to and be honored to work for your operation of breeding and the care of your heard ! Being that I don't know or have seen your property I'd have a lot of questions about what you are pacifically looking for ? I know that I do have a lot to offer and if you can't tell, I have a deep seated love for horses and just for my soul to be totally happy and content in life, horses have to be part of it !!! I know that you know nothing about me and that I'm moving kinda fast for not knowing you either but what you need is also what I'm looking for. The only thing is I've never been around a horse breeder before but I do know that I'm a fast learner and pay lots of attention to detail. Do you have an Fierier to take care of their hoofs or do you do that your self ? You might say this man is kinda of a nut-case the way I'm jumping around in this note to you but do I look like a English major ? The correct answer is ""NO I DO NOT"". I do know that I work like a Hebrew slave and I take pride in no matter what I do !!! Before this here gets to be a novel I'll try to come to a close with in soon time. You should be able to kinda tell that I have a good seance of humor and will brighten you days if indeed we work out a arrangement on meeting each other and or working together. I take it that your sick of reading and need to go get some work done !!! As we know the EQUINE creature does not clean up after themselves.Oh that is oh so true. Take good care and for GODS sake keep your chin up HAT TRICK . signed: HAVE A STRESS FREE DAY and or DEAN
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    My name is Dean and I also much rather be with horses than with 99.9% of the people I've met so far in the History of my 45 years upon this earth !!! I was taking care of 23 horses for a non profit organization and I might add has been the high-light of all my born days. They have most every breed of horse except the most beautiful "ARABIAN". I would love to experience being involved with said Arabians and their up-keep. So if em there would be any opportunity to do such a thing , PLEASE DO get in touch with me. signed: Caretaker of the Equine