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    Ok, everyone hear is into horses, and everyone knows that you can get hurt on a horse. So what has been some of the accidents everyone has had.

    My worst accident on a horse was when i was 14. I was ridding my horse around the neighborhood and when I was passing a corn field, my horse was spooked by something in the field (i think it was a deer). Well he was a young horse and he bit down on the bit hard and he bolted. He wasn't stopping for nothing. He ended up running right under the monkey bars of one of those big wooden play sets (the ones that are built into the ground). I took the bars right in the chest.
    I ended up with broken ribs, broken spine (still can walk), intire chest cavity was brusied, internal bleeding (that stopped itself), concussion and my right lung was collasped.
    I have had alot of the other "normal" incidents happen; stepped on, kicked, bit, thrown off.
    So anyone else have an interesting incident???
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    Well I haven't been in a big accident with my horse, but when I was young,the horses got out at night and a logging truck hit my horse. Left a dent in his neck, a few cuts, but did 800 dollars worth of damage to the truck! Horse was fine, but dad was not a happy camper when the bill showed up.
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    My horse and I were in a car accident. I was leading him at the time back to his field . The car hit me. I was on the road 40 minuits but I am proud to say my horse and my dogs stayed with me. They stood a safe distance away from every one and refused to leave me. I was really worried what he'd be like after. It took a long time but we both went back out. I am now walking out my filly and showing her the world while I can still hang on to her. I have flash back and just have to push them out of my mind
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    Until a year or two ago I would have agreed but not really understood. Know accidents happen to everyone, the old adage if you haven't come off you haven't rode enough. Then July 04 I had a horse take off with me bucking through a woods and I hit a tree with my head. Suffered a concussion but went right back to work that day after being seen in the emergency ward. First time ever really hurt like that in 20 years in the horse profession.
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    Well I do still ride when i get the chance, but it took me a few months to get back on. I almost didn't get back on my horse after the accident, cause i was so affarid to. Luckily the guy I was seening at the time refused to let me leave the stables untill i got back on (he even threatened to leave me if i didn't) I was mad at him at the time, but I'm glad he made me do it. When I first got back on I was ahaking like crazy, but i got over it and kept ridding.

    PS..Didn't even think about the newbies untill you mentioned it. lol
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    Wow! You still ride? I've been so, so lucky. The worst I've had has been a broken finger from a fall and a broken foot when a pony stepped on me and spun. I've had some close ones. Once I dismounted in a field to hold a pony for a little girl. When I remounted, the saddle (English) slid down my horse's side and he bolted with me hanging off his side. Fortunately I held on untill I could get him stopped. Thank heavens for long manes. lol

    You know, this thread could make the newbies bolt with the horses. :)
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    I was knocked over by a big horse into the electric fence. Luckily the fence wasn't turned on. I did get a bit bruised up from the fall and the impact of the horse hitting me. I was so scared.
    Another time I was holding the lead of a lesson horse and she got spooked by something and she reared. The rope just pulled out of my hand and I had a bad case of rope burn. I still had to take my riding lesson with bandaged up hands. I wear my gloves now when I am around horses.