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    Hello all and I wanted to say if anyone is interested in Arabians, please contact me... Especially breeding. I am new to breeding and i have a black arab stallion with movie star blood and would like to chat with people on their experiences if they have bred horses. I have many questions as to the right and wrong ways to start a good natured sweet tempered stallion. Thanks
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    Hi blufthr I own a Defarwa crabbit arabian mare named Sonya she's one of the abu farwa breeds very popular stallion in his day when he was alive.She's a rare jewl I worked with many breeds but found the arabian to me to be the most loyal of them and i click with the breed. I have recently purchased a qh mare who's also got movie star blood lines. But best way to breed is find the right lines of both don't breed to just anything. Make sure the stallion or mare is proven in what he or she does. do some reasearch on them. before you decide.Dont let other breeders push you into a wrong choise chances are they are just using you as bait for another buyer.Meaning they will say to other buyer that you are interested in purchase and the other party has to choose right then and there before thinking things threw that is why we got so many horses with unhappy owners. Just some friendly advise and good luck on your start horses are wonderful animals deserve the best treatment. Treat them well and you get a wonderful friend treat them poor and you get crazy insane horses that no one wants.
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    Hi, I'm not actually into arabians, but over the years have had some exceptionally good horses which were either part or purebred arabians. a partbrted who was a greaet harness horse as well as a very good pony clubber for my kids and another part bred who was one of the best allround horses we ever had,a royal qualifier, a state winner sporting horse and a top pointscore winner on almost every pony club outing and 2 purebreds we showed with great sucess to champion level and all were handled by children under 12 yrs old with adult supervision. We now breed and compete A.S.H. and would not mind if any of them had a touch of arab in them as did some of the best of the old breed.
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    I am very interested in Arabians. I would like to raise a filly just torn between an Arabian and a Fresian.
    Tell me what you can.
    Thanks for your help,
    Candace (cm2008)
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    just breed my mare to an egyption black stallion.
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    No I don't show much here in florida but Knite has bloodlines to Mokhtar from the second black stallion movie. Of course you know that he passed away near the end of the movie, and I am wanting to continue the lines. Many Mares are in Utah. also see my website for more on Black Arabians..
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    Hi, camelotfarms. Do you go to any of the Crabbet shows?
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    good ground control is the key. to live cover be safe is the first goal all horses are alike is this area the best step for this is collage level leading this gives you the control to ask your man t0 only mount when you!! are ready
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    Arabians are fun. They are intelligent, loving, sweet and mischievous.
    I have had Arabians for 25 years. My first foal is still my riding mare.
    We stand a Stallion that we have had since birth (He is 7 now). Our horses are Crabbet/CMK predominately.
    What are your horse's breedings. What are you trying to accomplish? What are you breeding for?
    Have a great day.
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    I train, and serve a female trainer.....I would love to speak w/you about helping you.....

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    I have 5 Russian Mares out of Nariadni & Muscat Daughters that I bred to my SE Stallion & have the most amazing foals. If you would like to check them out? also breed Dogue de Bordeaux. I'm more into the horses now but I still have occassional litters.
    I look forward to chatting with you about horses:o))))

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    Movie star blood? Ala Charm? I have one of his descendants. Sweet, sane, intellegent, athletic.