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    In Sept. '04 I was at a convention in Las Vegas. Fri. night my sister and I went to Gilly's. This cowboy who I danced with all night has swept me off my feet. I guess he got me when he dance for me to the new song save a horse ride a cowboy...But as my sister always seems to do she pulled me away from him before I could let him know or get a number. All I do know is his name is Matt and his family is from where I live here in OK.
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    Sorry...just liked your story...happened to me before to...man makes your heart go crazy. Not to worry...there are other cowboys in other bars even if u don't hook up with him, but good luck and don't u love Las Vegas. Try going again in Dec. to the Rodeo. U will meet all kinds and you will have such a good time cause Vegas is always a good time..PS don't take your sister..lol!