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    Hi all,

    I have the chance to have a horse on full loan where the owners are fine with me retraining him to do western. The fun part is that he is a 16 y/o former driving horse. Am I setting my goals to high or will it be possible to retrain this boy who has a great temperament?

    Plus have you got any tips? I do have a access to a person who has trained his own two horses to western but would welcome any further advice.

    Many Thanks

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    I rescued thoroughbreds from the track for years and always retrained them for Western classes. Did pretty well, too- won all the Amatuer/Owner classes at the Del Mar National Horse Show.

    I started them off by trail riding and putting natural miles on them. It gets them out of whatever head set they have, and brightens them up. If you cannot train yourself, i agree that a good month of training would be of benefit. FIND A TRAINER THAT ACTUALLY PUTS 30 DAYS ON! Many ride only 3 or less days a week. Not worth your money.
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    Thanks Cowgirl,

    I have seriously thought of letting the person I know have this horse for a while. Will just have to start saving for it!!

    Anyone done the same thing and could let me know how much it cost?


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    First of all...I love your name. I named my son Lee. I am the only Western rider in an all English barn. I always suggest a trainer who has many years experience as you want to get it right the first time. Even one month is worth it. I don't think it is too late if the horse has a good temperment and is willing that is a great start. Good luck!