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    hey all you cowboys out there is it a bad thing that i can't cook? i can rope,ride like the wind,do ranch work like a cowhand but i can't cook! see my dad always wanted a son but he got me so i grew up as a serious tomgirl ...i have recently learned to sew and i can grill/bbq
    and all you cowgirls any tips for the helpless/hopeless cook like me? i can burn water.
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    The only advice I would add is that it takes time to cook well. I used to be an excellent cook, but now that I work close to 100 hours a week. Well 5 minute meals is the theme now. Blah
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    I can't cook too
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    sorry haven't comented on this in like a long while but since i last posted this blog i am happy to announce that i can sort of cook....(with out harming or posioning any of the very few innocent people who had the guts to eat my chow
    eggs,homemade pancakes & biscuits,homemade gravy recipe, great gucamole, pumkin pie, meat loaf,vension stew, green chillie, tamales, oatmeal, mac and cheese,taco caaserole, spagetti, lasanga( i can cook all this)...lol I have mastered the art of watching rachel ray lol her show has helped me alot! And i bought a few cooking for dumdums books
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    I was the same way- can out-do most of the men around here....but was way behind in the kitchen department. I think it just takes practice. I can't cook anything fancy, but I am a good cook at the basic stuff. Keep practicing and good luck!