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    Hey SillyFilly. Good on you. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who do things for themselves as opposed to 99% of the population who want everything handed to them and don't want to work for anything (98% of those I have to work with). I too have my own garden, I love canning and preserving and would rather spend a weekend trying to figure out some home improvement or vehicle project instead of giving up scads of cash to some carpenter, plumber or mechanic (no offense to any of the above).

    What's so great about a real cowgirl? Nothing to some. Just happens to be my preference that's all. Some are turned on by little black dresses... I prefer a tight pair of Wranglers a hat and boots. I guess the difference is in the term "real" which I consider to be a mix of the above and the qualities that you and I seem to value in a person.

    Like they're so fond of saying on the Food Network... (greatest channel on TV BTW) "you eat your food with your eyes first."

    I guess it all boils down to how you "market the package" so to speak.


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    Hey, Countryboy, define "real cowgirl". I do not live on a cattle ranch. I could not rope a steer, a calf or even a feed barrel if my life depended on it. I have never once tried to sit on the back of a bull. I do not clomp around a sawdust-floored bar in my "cowboy boots" and drink beer from mason jars. I do not even own a "cowboy hat". You will never catch me butchering anything. And, horror of horrors, I prefer an English saddle. However, I?m still country to the bone. I cook almost totally from scratch. I bake my own bread and hand-cut my own noodles. Most of my cooking herbs come right from my own herb beds (fresh basil and garlic chives are to die for.) I grow, harvest and can as much of my own produce as possible (this year some dang groundhog got more green beans than I did.) I would love my own orchard of fruit and nut trees. Plans for next year include a grape arbor. With my sewing machine and serger I can make almost anything, even jeans. (Try it, ladies. They are not as hard as they look.) I made my girls? prom gowns. I can cut glass and make lamp shades, make harness (but saddle making is only on my list of things I must learn before I die), sweat pipe, wire a house and I?m wicked with a chopsaw and hammer. I built this computer.

    What I'm saying is that there are many country ladies out there with a good old-fashioned country skills common sense and can-do attitude, a love of nature, animals and rural life. We just do not heard cattle and some of us ride with an English saddle. What's so great about a "real cowgirl"?
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    OK, even though I'm not Australian (would love to visit there someday - Aussies rock), I have to dispel a few myths here if only to make me feel better...

    1 - I'm not gay
    2 - I do not sleep around (more than can be said for my ex wife)
    3 - If I have more than a couple of drinks a month (ok, camping trips are not counted here) I'm on a binge.
    4 - Someone please define genuine. I may not be the best or most experienced horseman on the planet and although I'd love to try it and would if I were younger, I don't rodeo. By all accounts of attitude and appreciation for western life and the outdoors, though, I do qualify.

    You think I could even get a real cowgirl to look at my profile? Hardly.

    If I applied eventing06's standards in reverse to women (Australian or otherwise) I think the stats would look like this...

    Please don't be offended if you fit into catagories 4 or 5 (especially 4).

    1 - 60% are overweight
    2 - 50% are only looking for a cowboy and would likely run and hide if they knew what horse ownership involved and what really living a rural lifestyle entailed. (This group also thinks Diesel jeans are good for riding and that those scrunched up straw cowboy hats actually look good)
    3 - 40% likely sleep around
    4 - 10% are genuine cowgirls
    5 - 20% are genuine decent women

    (remember the numbers don't have to add up to 100)

    JR :)
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    Well seems I have little hope than lol.

    After the last two relationships I had, being told I was selfish for having horses, it looks like I shall be single for a very long time!
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    Across the ditch!
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    Well I'm at the tender age of 18 (just) and I have already given up my 'dream' of meeting a cowboy that isn't gay and/or sleeps around. My question seconds your theory, Where are the cowboys?
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    Not recently at least, maybe it is a phase you grow out of.

    On reflection, web sites as specialised as this would be a waste of time if all a man was looking for was gender, as it wouldnt matter if you shared any common interests with the woman at all.

    On the contrary, the sort of women one would be likely to meet here are likey to be to busy, too poor ( horses are a bit expensive, arent they?), too assertive and too bloody far away to be targets of convienience.

    So, in short, if you arent generally interested in horses and people who share an interest in them, you wouldnt waste your time looking on this site, so I reckon the class of bloke you meet here would be fairly high.

    Good luck!
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    You?ve been looking 30 years for a horseman? Oh, crumbs. I?ve been married twice. Neither were horsemen. When the last one left (thank gawd), I decided that any men I would be involved with from here on out were going to be horsemen. I?ve been single for about five years now and there have been three men who made it clear they wanted our friendship to be more serious. I told them all, "Do you ride? No? Then forget about it. All we can be is friends." I would much rather stay single and be true to myself than attached and living a life that, to me, is missing something.

    You can also tell a lot about a man by watching how he interacts with his horse. Does he try to settle an "argument" with a crop, spurs and hard yanks to the bit, or will he try a subtle weight shift, a softening of the outside rein with gentle encouragement from the inside leg? If his horse isn?t going like he wants does he get upset and blame the "dumb horse" or is he big enough to understand that most "going" problems are the fault of the rider so he has to analyze what he is doing that causes the horse to react in that manor. Does he feel that good horsemanship involves dominating the horse to submit to his will or does he realize that you and your horse are partners and good horsemanship involves developing a relationship and communication skills so that the two of you can move as one animal.

    So, you?ve been looking for 30 years. Good luck.
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    I am sorry to tell you, In America it's even worse.60% are gay 30% sleep w/anyone they can get their hands on and the other 10% won't date horse women because they don't want to have to argue theory!!!! I've been looking for a horse guy for over 30 yrs. in the industry, and it is a very sad state of affairs!!!!!!!!!!So this is where I am after all this time. Good Luck in your venture. B.
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    At last, someone who has responded. Does that mean that you genuinely sleep around?? Hehe.

    Just an observation - how about from the other side of the fence??
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    I am all confused now
    I am pretty sure I am not gay, and I drink very seldom

    that leaves me what, 40%?


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