My first big LOVE! Who was urs? Romance

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    My first big love was a five years old boy. Me and friend was fighting about him....he was so good looking DIRTY ASS HELL, old food over the hole him!And hi was so nice ALWAYS DID HIT US, LOVED TO PUSH US IN TO NETTLES.... Netteles itch very much. But he could to everyrhing, he was a god our god. OR HE WAS JUST THE ONLY GUY.....were we did live ;-(

    So tell me about ur first love? (or maybe u want to be quiet like everyone else here.......)
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    my first true love was when i was 14, his name was Cody. we met in a chat room but became really close friends when we met. as we became closer we realized that we were in love. we stayed together for 5 month. but then something hit me and i was so scared at how i was feeling so quickly towards him. i let my stupid fear get between us. cause i've been urt so many times and the thought of getting hurt again shook me up. so i started pushing him away and when he asked why i told him i was afraid. he siad he understood but i guess he didn't really because on our 5 month aniversary he broke up with me. it broke my heart into so many pieces. i never reall did recover from it. but i'm doing ok. but i keep wondering if he really loved me why did he break me? a part of me still is in love with him and always will. but i've moved on and i'm trying to find a guy that will understand my hurt and try to help me forget instead of just dropping me when he can't take it anymore. because true love is about understanding and helping one another. well that's really all i can say about it. there is more but i don't want to bore anyone *(laughs)* bye you guys.

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    truly, i don't remember really liking little boys that much when i was that young...i liked to play and get dirty with them though! my first true love was probably my older brother's friend, Scott. he was at our house all the time and i had a major crush on him! :) he was 8 years older than me a teenager when i was still real first love close to my age was when i was 12, i saw him in a club meeting at school, Derek. Truly I love him still to this day...and here's a pic of my first horse love Toby and me the first day i met at first sight...hehehe

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