AUSTALIAN HORSE RIDERS Did you wink at me?

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    I agree!! What is it with the guys and the lack of photo's. Makes it unfair for those of us who are willing to put ours up on our profile. Come on brave!! (-:

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    Nice to know there are some Aussie riders out there pity not many men with photos
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    Gday from NSW the Horse Capital of Australia also known as Horse Heaven.

    I own Pure Arabians, a few ponys a SB and a SB cross and a Clydesdale. I own 4 stallions and the rest mare's.

    Im single NOT Gay, I dont drink or smoke, and dont sleep around. Im the most honest person you will ever meet, Im a open book, what you see is what you get.

    I do NOT pretend to be someone or something Im not. I tell it as I see it.

    If your interested then call me
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    Hello Fourstallions,

    Yes your right I love Friesians and hope to own one in the not so distant future. Your horse is stunning and you love in the most amazing place. I have friends in AZ and have not had the chance to visit for a couple of years. . . One day.

    This little lady is a Waler and she has just turn 1.

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    Hello FrisianFrenzy,
    Are you referring to the Friesian horse? Quite magnificent, great for everything.

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    Hello fellow Aussies, Suzzy here I?m from the Gosford Central Coast area if anyone wishes to met up. My new baby is a Waler and she is beautiful. Her Sire is the most magnificent animal I have ever seen, Talara Guan Wei from Redgum Walers, simply stunning boy.

    I know there is a lot of debate regarding the Australian Stock Horse and the Waler, I can see a huge difference between the two and have fallen for the Waler due to their confirmation and their layback nature.

    Looking forward to hear from my neighbours

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    I want to buy a horse too
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    aussie here too !
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    western aussie rider here have a Egyptian Arab mare and a big standardbred gelding whos 17.3hh both used for showing and pleasure riding and the arab is used for clerk of the course at the local trotting club

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    hi bec wish u were closer to inverell nsw haha great pics we hav a quarter/stock mare father youthoyindi prob spelt wrong keep havn fun
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    hi cherayl just trying to catch up with you as you seem to hav similar training methods lov to exchange ideas
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    Hi Lea, Thanks for the invite to your blog. I have moved back to SA on my cousins Stud. She breeds show galloways and ponies. We will be starting a few youngsters and handling the foals from next week so will be busy bee's for a while. Catch ya
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    hi nsw we live in inverell which is not far from the qld boarder as well if we head for tenterfield we have one quarter horse mare who has had two colts now geldings both brown we lost the only filly 2 yrs ago hoping to breed soon to a paly if possible so if you know of any near me if would be grateful we also have a quarter horse x stock mare which we are breeding soon so glad the restrictions are over in our area how did the flu treat u also happy new year hope all your goals are fulfilled bye for now lea
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    Haven't been on here for ages, too busy and too tired at night most times, sold our 3yrold ash to QLD and he's doing exceptionally well in the show ring and in ASH classes, sold the pony as well is now attending local pony club. Have had heaps of rain and am now not so desperate to lighten off the stock, but do still have a few that I could do without feeding till the spring. A 9 yrs 16.3 TB gelding not long out of racing, lovely looking fellow with a beautiful soft mouth and stunning movement, with natural self carriage, but very forward moving and a horsemans horse not for a beginner or weekend rider would make it as a showjumper or eventer with supreme ease with the right rider. Two ASH geldings both reg one 8 yrs one 4 yrs and one VERY smart reg ASH mare 14.3h. Geldings 15.3 and 15.1 respectively . Will probably take the ASH's to dalby stock horse sale if not sold before. took the 3yr old to the ASH nationals before selling him and we were really happy with his performances. Will be teampenning the mare, and 2 other geldings which we are keeping ,this weekend and the temps have been -6 and 7 each morning and all our pipes, taps, hoses have been frozen each morning till about 11am, the horses all appreciate their thick warm waterproof combos and doona under rugs.
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    i could be interested in picking up a nice young 6" tall myself i like a horse over 16h... my guy starting to age a bit and would be good to get another and give him a rest....leet me know...

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    Hi everyone,

    I own a 15.3 Anglo-Arab Chestnut gelding. We live on the same 5 acre property.
    We are still in Pony Club but regularly compete in E.F.A horse trials.
    We are grade 1 horse trials and love to compete C grade show jumping too.

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 15, 2007 at 07:51 PM

    Hey for those who have horses for sale you can try petlink, I put the shetland on there.
    I know others who have sold through there and the amount of posts per day is unreal - so it must get heaps of hits.

    Check out my shetty she is posted by glenelly2756

    she is a real cutey but not needed since the kiddies moved - she placed at this years Sydney royal and been in a paddock near here ever since going to waste

    Regards ...Glenda..aka biggirl1959 or glenelly

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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 30, 2007 at 06:32 AM

    well ive got 3 TB,s and i compete at EFA LEVEL Showjumping.I also event some times and i also love barrels,trail riding,anything to do with horses really!im hopeing to meet my soulmate out their who loves horses as well or adleast loves animals!
    is it worth being a PREMIUM MEMBER?ive got quiet a few winks but cant respond to any of them.