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    Doesn't anybody trail ride anymore. I live in north central Florida and have miles and miles of trails to ride. Anybody want to come and ride???
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    I trail ride, lots and lots. Right now it is way to hot to ride to much during the day. I love the spring and the fall to ride in. I put lots of miles on my horse to get it ready to do a cross state run that takes 13 days. I have not visited Florida yet and so far have not found a good reason to, but sounds like it could be fun with the water and all. Tell me more about riding in Florida.
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    hi flame, i haven't been back here for awhile so i didn't realize that you had written me. i was at a sale in ocala and then in baltimore so i didn't have access to a computer. i don't have a laptop. i suppose with all the traveling i do i should get one. so are you into trailriding? i love it myself. i'm something of a nature freak and a horse can take you places that are inaccessible by any other means. one of my first paying jobs in the horse industry was as a trailguide at a county park back home in cincinnati. i had worked at the racetrack as an excercise rider for my father prior to that but he sldom if ever paid me. i usd to pick up some money ponying in the afternoons when i had time during the summer. i grew up on the racetrack and at one point tried to get away by going to school. that didn't last long. one of my first jobs after i recieved my degree was working on a wagon train couseling juvenile delinquents. so much for getting horse fever out of my blood. since then i've resigned myself to a life that will always include horses. well, write back. looking forward to hearing from you. terry
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    Hey riderdown
    Not a member either but u winked at me.
    I live in Barberville,and would like to chit chat with you. Can never have enough riding friends.
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    hi, i love to ride, i love to camp and i'm in ocala often for the sales at obs. as a matter of fact i used to live in dunellon and in orange lake. i also worked at trackside farm in williston, adena springs and mockingbird before they sold out. i've been an excercis rider, an assistant trainer, a groom and now i work the sales because it affords me the indpendence to travel. normally during the summer i go camping in the appalachians between the lexington and timonium sales and the saratoga sale gives me an opportunity to camp in the adirondacks and the poconos. during the winter i work the two year old sales here in florida, (calder and ocala) and the jun sale at timonium). between those sales i spend my fretime at the beach because ocala is too cold. i just thought of a landmark near where i lived in dunellon. i lived on one of the streets back behind duffeys' on rt. 40. my friends still live back there and when i come to town i usually stay with them. scott is a jocky in the midwest but lives down here during the winter and darren is an excercise rider at another episode farm. i'm sorry for the misspelled words but the e on my keyboard sticks sometimes. i am also not a PREMIUM MEMBER so i suppose the only way to keep in touch is through this forum. so please do so. that includes both you and my friend from michigan or is it minnesota. if it is minnesota, have you ever been to canterbury downs? terry
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    RE: Horsiewoman , I would lve to chat and become pen pals, but you are a PREMIUM MEMBER so I cant reach you. This site makes it VERY hard to use,or contact people. HmmmMabe you can contact me back thru the furum...all I can think of. Hope to hear from you tho, we have ALOT in commom