Rescue of a RaceHorse First riding experiences

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    I have a 5 yearold throughbred who sometimes wakes up in a new world every day...sometimes a lizzard would set him off...He is a challange and I don't think I'd do it anyother way. Goes left excellent right was a little challenge but he is very smart with kind eyes,that what lead to his rescue because he came to see my grandaughters. He's 17hands and for me to saddle him is a sight but he lines up to anything I can climb on cause I'm 5'1".
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    I have 3 thoroughbreds I jump.One is 17hands.I bought him as a showjumper 4years ago.He went berko for over 3 years.I paid big money and didn't want to give up on him.He played up at shows,pony club,home,anywhere.I got him settled down a bit and sent him to a young 15 year old boy over the border.He did great with him and won a first and third with him at Kempsey show.I got a fourth with him at Rocklea show  a month ago.He is slowly on the way up but am not rushing him.What was wrong with him? Firstly I was feeding him on hay, pellets,oaten,molasses and not giving him much work.He has to be ridden to a sweat every day and fed only on grassy hay or grass.He keeps great condition on grass luckily.And thirdly I put him in a big paddock on his own and when I took him out he played up.I make sure he always has another horse with him.You have to really work on some of them.At 5 yo.your horse is still young and you have time to work on him but if it's not done now he will not get better.It may be easier to reply to me as I do not often check this site.Good luck with him Jim
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    I also have a Thorobred, 16 years old. Stands 16 hands. Excellent personality. My Cajun was a race horse, from age 2-9. He now has a good home. Retired race horse. He is used as a pleasure riding horse. Alse has been started in Buggy training. We plan to continue, this summer. Ask me.