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    Hi everyone.
    I am looking for people who are interested in Natural Horsemanship, all over the world. I am training horses, using Pat Parelli's Savvy system for over 3 years. And I am wondering if there are more people here who also have experience with this method to discuss certain things. See ya!
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    I have raised three colts and applied natural horsemanship methods on each of them. They are amazingly good horses. My 8 year old has become kid proof...

    There are horses, however that are just dominate and take a lot more stern tlc...

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    Parelli works for me. You can use Parelli techniques along with most others too. Once you do the 7 games you can continue games you want to make up to keep your horse tuned. Parelli teaches the horse that you are his/her partner and you are in charge. You are teaching the horse in their language and that's why Parelli works because they can understand what you ask of them.
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    I always watch parelli natural horsemanship, and think is any other horse lover seeing the best communication with horses.
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    my oldest horse is 27 and my youngest 9. neither of them wear shoes. I paid my farrier to teach me how to trim them, and I've been doing it now for 17 years. Never had a lame horse or any issues with the feet (or anything else) Horses weren't born with shoes on them. My old mare is a 16.3 warmblood and folks used to tell me that her feet couldn't handle her size. I guess we made a liar out of them. I do a lot of trail riding, but not competitive.
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    Can someone give me some references for Parelli, I know a little of John Lyons work but Parelli is unfamiliar to me. I guess I can start with a search, but I'd like to hear more from someone who is using it successfully. Thanks.
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    Hi, I am new to this site. I am absolutly in love with Natural horse manship. I have been doing it since I was eight years old but I really didn't know it because none of the people at the barn knew about it either. I just can't belive the results that I am getting with my horse.
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    Hello all! I am addicted to the parelli natural horsemanship. Saw him in ohio and Lake St. Louis, bought his savvy system and I was hooked. Don't know how I lived without it. It has really bonded me and my paint. Have been using the system ever since.
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    g'day from SA. Im into Natural Horsemanship especially Parelli. It really does work in training your horse for any discipline. It takes time and effort on your part though and patience. It helps you to get trust and respect from your horse and you learn to work in harmony together and eventually obtain finesse and are able to compete in any discipline.
    I also have used Monty Roberts Join-up or John Lyons-Round Pen Reasoning for many years and it is great for starting young horses. catch you
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    I now use nothing but the barefoot method and I would never, EVER put a shoe on a horse again, after seeing the results of Natural Trimming. I even took 3 horses; 1 with Navicular, 1 with a club foot and one with a deformity from shoes all her life and all three now move sound as all the others. Their hoof wall is iron tough and I never see a stone bruise anymore, where in winter it could be quite common here.

    For years I have watched QH's bred with tiny feet far too small for the horse, racking horses & their deformed, long hooves with thick pads & keg shoes. Trotting breeds forced to gait, how we do what we do to these animals and sleep at night, I'll never know.

    Natural trimming is as close to nature as it gets. If you ever get a chance to inspect a mustang, their hooves are as hard as steel. Their frogs and heels are flawlessly healthy. I have seen no cons. There is also no price break in using someone experienced in Natural Trimming. It can be expensive. But I would spend it on NT over putting shoes on my horse any day.

    And please dont confuse it with the kind of trimming your farrier does for a barefoot horse, unless they have been formerly schooled in Natural Trimming. Its a much different style.
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    horses know your heart, just like people he is testing you to see if you will abuse him. He also knows you can help him, that is why you are asking questions. Think about it how many people would keep a kicking, biting horse? He knows you can be the Alpha. The Alpha and Omega is God. We can be vessels. He knows you have a healing with confidence in your heart. I am really sticking my neck out here, but greater is he. Horses are very receptive to prayer. I know you can not lay hands on him, but just keep praying to him, sit in a chair and stay quiet, give him time. It took time for him to get that way. There is a reason he was lead to you and there is a healing there for you also. Just be patient. God Bless
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    ramsmob... The Monty Roberts Join-up and Follow-up methods work great. Do an internet search on his name to find more info. I've been using Join-up for years and it's exceeded the best results I've ever obtained with any other method in just a matter of days... and sometimes just hours. Good Luck.
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    howdy all :)
    was wondering how i can find out about this join-up method as well as any hints on earning respect would be gr8 i currently have a 8 month old Appaloosa i wish to gentle for lead in groups and later western pleasure
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    Hi eventer2

    Have ? for u. Is the place in background pic's ur's? If so i very jealous. Great looking place & dont mind ur smile either.
    Andy :-)
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    hi all,
    I just obtained a 15 mth pinto colt.
    Stock horse. As he is my first to train & i have patience to burn, can anyon give me a few ideas on when i should look at gelding him & any handy tips for the first stages of training?
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    Horses usually bite and nip at you if you are feeding them treats from your hand .When i give my horses carrots i put in their feed tubs,otherwise you will end up the treat ..
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    Thats very good advice ,I work with horses every day myself and it is very important to show the horse that you are the alapha ..
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    Reiner76 write:
    A horse that bites is not a good thing at all. Have you tried Lyons' 3 second rule?
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    Hi there :)
    Im new to the this forum and thought Id send a hug to all the Natural Horseman/women out there! I love the PNH program and have been working on my level 3.
    If any of you would like to do some emailing back and forth about our passions in PNH I would surely love it :)

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    I have not looked for it on the internet. Although, the few times I have seen him, plus wathing his videos, I have heard him talk about it. You can also try his book "Lyons on Horses" by John Lyons with Sinclair Browning. The rule is on page 17. I don't think I am supposed to type it on the net, or anywhere else for that matter.