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    heyy all!
    how many horses have you owned in your lifetime?

    I've owned two...

    Sandy a Percheron/Belgian mare going on 7 this year. got her last year.
    she is my baby.

    and two days after Christmas '08 I got Princess a 20 year old Belgian mare who has the bigest eyes I've ever seen.

    before Sandy I leased this amazing 9 year old Paint gelding for the summer. he was deaf but could still place in the ribons! he was amazing!

    And I'm looking into getting another mare.
    a 5 year old Pinto from the same owners of Princess.

    So how many horses have you owned?
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    I have had over 60 through the years


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    I've Owned

    1. Prince- shetland cross he was my first horse and we had him for 3 years
    2. Vicki- quarter horse mare owned her for 2 years
    3. Socks- cross breed pony had him for 6 months was still learning to ride and he was to green
    4. Magic- National show horse got him as a 2 year old and had him till he was 15
    5. Star- shetland mare had her for a year then she went to a family friend
    6. Windrunner- POA pony didn't have him long as turns out owner lied to us and he was drugged when we viewed him so sent him back
    7. Mariah- Arabian mare I rescued had her for 3 years then rehomed her to a family friend
    8. Missy- Quarter horse mare. Knew her since she was a weanling bought her at 2 and had her till she was 10 sold her to a barn I worked at.
    9. Cricket- Quarter horse mare. Was put of my uncles mare so knew her from birth got her at 2 and had her up until this year she's 12 now and ahs gone back to my uncle.
    10. Tiernano- qh/paint out of my old mare Missy so had him from birth till 9 months and sold him to a family friend. Still see him now and then. he's 6 or 7 now
    11. Bartender- Quarter horse mare I rescued in foal had her for a year then rehomed her
    12. Casaya- Bartenders filly she only lived 5 days
    13. Stormy- Quarter horse mare I rescued with Bartender she to was in foal but miscarried
    14. Tessi- BS paint mare bought as a unhandled 2 year old, sold was a well started 4 year old
    15. Malachi- Draft cross knew him as 8 month old bought him as a long yearling sold him as 2 year old.
    16. Boomer- Quarter horse gelding had him 4 years
    17. Sisco- pony I had as a kid
    18. Hope- My current mare off the track thoroughbred she was given to me in feb this year.
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    I have wanted a horse since being a toddler, but got my first horse when I was 13. I am on horse #7 now, & just love her to pieces. took her for her first spring ride a couple days ago, She was great. She is a red roan aqha mare, that I hope to do reining on in the future!!!
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    I'm have a brood mare brand on shares with my brothers in Idaho, and I would have to say it is pretty easy to have horses but the trick is getting rid of them. My brothers are pretty good at getting horses finished and sold, but for me, I find it pretty hard to turn loose.
    I'm no trader but I did try it out for a few years and only one year I kept records and I think I had around 150 that year. But i grew out of that scheming and now I just dream. I have a bridle horse I finished and a jumper kwpn mare out of Sondro Boy, but it only sounds nice to say the fancy name but really I care more about her than only that. For me growing up in a ranching community it was pretty easy to have ten new horses a year but I seemed to be attatched to everyone of them.
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    I have owned four but if i count al the horses i´ve been taking care of it shuld be about 50 horses. ANd i remember every one of them with great love!
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    My first horse was a TB mare off the track, she ended up being really sour (would rear and go over backwards) so I ended up selling her. Now I have a two (coming on three) year old 3/4 Morgan X 1/4 Appy. He is wonderful, I got him when he was 6wks old (we bought him and his mother). I broke him this year and he is doing wonderful (we can ride by ourselves whenever we want to) I just recently got a TBx mare from a rescue place, she is 17 or 18 blind in one eye and was VERY underweight when I got her. She has since put on about 150lbs and is a dream to ride, very safe for all of the people who don't know how to ride. She still has some bad habits that we are working out but is coming along nicely.

    My parents also have my two year old's full brother who is a year coming up on two. He will be broke this spring sometime. They have a 5 year old QHx mare (getting broke but not there yet), the QH's baby coming up on a year, and a 15yr old full Arabian who does it all (including birthday parties).

    So between the family we have six horses right now. :P
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    I am on horse number eight, my first gaited horse. I bought a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse 2 months ago and LOVE his little rack! I still giggle when he racks, it feels so cool! One of the cute things "Charlie" does is he falls asleep when groomed and loves the clippers so much, he leans into it. I was told he is an ex show horse, so he doesn't care what you do to him, but he obviously spent lots of time outside the ring, as he is wonderful on trails, along the street, dogs barking at his heels, etc. I often lead on group rides, because his lack of fear, comforts other, more nervous horses. Thank you, Lord, Charlie is just the kind of horse I needed, just getting back into riding at age 50, with all my aches and pains! Gaited horses are AWESOME!!!!!
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    Didn't start till 58 but now have 6. Three are my daughters.

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    Im up to 7, i actually need to sell one or two, i kept breeding and breeding them, and now its getting a little out of hand....oooops...
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    I am up to 4 now my first was shared with my brother wen i was 9 but droped ded at 5 years my kids are 9,8 and 5.
    A QHxIrish sport, a reg QH and a anglo arab, the 2 oldest were bought as yearlings and my anglo was bred by my parents.
    Then there is my moms 2 that i ride for her ocasionaly [ok wen ever i want a bareback horse actualy }.
    C'mon folks don't be shy