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    Hi All:

    I'm looking to do a ranch vacation but i'm not looking for a pampered dude-ranch type of experience with hot tubs and such. I want to do some real, honest cow/horse work. I don't care about getting dirty. I also want to do some real backcountry riding as well - preferrably in the mountains. One of my equestrian goals is to swim a river on horseback.

    And ok, maybe the hot tub at the end of the day wouldn't be a bad idea but you get my drift :)

    Anybody know of such generally in Western Canada or the northwest United States? I'll look at elsewhere if the experience is right but those are the closest areas to me.

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    Do a pack trip in the High Sierra's, Cascades, Idaho or Montana.
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    i am planning on going to argentina for 3 months
    I am looking for someone to travel over there with.
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    HI i have a ranch and we do holidays

    the ranch name is called
    Rancho la Providencia

    we are in Mexico, now im not to sure if we are the ranch for you... but we do have afew friends who also have ranchs, now the other ranchs here in mexico are the spar type!!!

    i got a friend who has a dude ranch ini texas..

    anyway have fun!!
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    On the forum "Message Board" a guy named fortwrangler posted a message "lookin for staff at dude ranch" and talked about riding not at the ranch - check that out maybe