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Seems like a match  #Dating
Although separated by many miles, our first date was for golf where we flew in a met at the airport.The meeting revealed many common interests and over the next six months has resulted in several weekend getaways and a week away. We have kept up the contacts with e-mails texting and phone calls and will be together Christmas Day after time with our own kids and grand kids. Both of us had decided that for a new partner, a love of horses and family were essential and we have found those interests have formed a basis for strong affection. Meeting more of the ladies who expressed interest in my profile would have been nice, but it would not have been honest to keep looking when I was swept off my feet on the first date.

Advice to other members:

You are both looking for someone special so if a first meeting seems right, treat that person with the love and respect of a match-up that could last forever. Don't sweat the little differences, you will both need to make little changes for a real success.