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Horses are for everyone.
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In 2002 I bought my own horse after riding for 10 years at a riding school. She really is my everything, and what makes it so special is that I have a special condition, I have diastrophic dysplasia which means that I'm 3 ft tall and have a stiff skeleton. It's hard to find a "sport" who fits me but horses are really great, and Natalie (my horse) has really made my life brighter. I can really trust her cause she would never hurt anyone on purpose.
I thought I had to lay her down februar06 because she had a huge laminitis-attack but now after 7 months she's back on track and I ride her agaain with no problems. I just wanted to write something cause I'm proud over her. The day when she's no longer with me I'll lose a huge part of myself.
Riding is for everyone.