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You CAN find your match and Equestrian Cupid can make it work for you  #Engaged
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Hi Equestrian cupids,

Cupid did its work through your website allright!!! We winked, we emailed, and were intruiged about the other. I flew from the Netherlands to Michigan and we spent time dating. We hit right of. Doug told me later that he knew from the very first date (it was so romantic: dining at the lake and dancing to a live band till late) that he would fall in love and that I was the one for him. We spend great time together, Doug invented the most romantic dates for me and we fell for each other. The songs "Whatever it is" and "I run to you" became our songs and days went bye to fast - it was so hard to leave. Doug gave me an Emerald promise ring with a diamond before I left. The promise of our relation, our love, our bound.

We phoned and emailed again and we really missed each other. A month went bye and I went through a tough time (had to put my Shih-tzu doggie I loved so much to sleep) and I was at my end. Doug was really there for me and wanted to help me and convince me of our true love and the importance of it and bought a ticket for me to spend another 2 weeks together and it took away whatever doubt I could have had and we fell deeply in love. I met his son and family and we spent a lot of time talking and having fun of course too (riding horses, going to horse shows, country fairs, western Tack shops, having fun, doing things, everything was great) and our love grew deep. We had more than a great time togehter and it made me realise and knew for sure, as he did, that our match was meant to be. He had never thought he would meet his match at the other end of the world and I never thought I met my horseman through a website, but your website is the best and I am ever so glad and thankfull for our match.

Before leaving Doug asked me to marry him and I am the most happy and proud woman you can imagine!
He is the greatest, sturdiest but also sweetest, kindest, most thoughtfull and attentive (and most handsome!) man a woman can hope for, a real gentleman, a good horseman (great match there), a great dad to his son, a strong and reliable man and we share the same needs, drive and dream and I feel so honored and lucky to have met him and being asked by him.
I love the US very much and visited many times before, it feels like home to me (and now its gonna be my home, that is so great!), the people, the culture, the nature is so very great, so beautiful, I really love it and finding my true love there is more than a dream come true!

Now we are back to phoning, emailing, skyping etc. again and planning my emigration and trying to find out the best way to get there and get married. I am bringing 2 horses with me so its gonna take a lot of preparation and time (as in the winter they can not be moved). Its gonna be probably next spring or summer to finally be together and get married. Getting a green card is not an easy thing .

Hopefully we can see each other in between with Christmas (the tickets are real expensive and we need all the money for my emigration and our marriage).But, we are strong in our believe, we will make it as our match is true and our love is strong.

So thanks again, for making this match possible and wishing you all the best and all of the members the luck and love we have. As you can see, don't give up: you CAN find your match and Equestrian Cupid can make it work for you - even overseas (and even at our age).
lots of love, Paula